Scandinavian Design

Every few years it seems like a new design style takes over the public consciousness and trends for a short time. 

We’ve seen multiple design genres, from rustic farmhouse, contemporary , to eccentric bohemian but none of them seem to have the same staying power as Scandinavian style – That’s not to say those other designs have fallen out of favor, there’s something about Scandi decor that people can’t get enough of. 

Scandinavian style has a long history, traditionally marked by simplicity, bright whites and wood floors that are frequently found in Scandinavian homes. 

Scandinavians deeply value nature and spending time outdoors, something that is reflected in this style , so live plants are a popular choice when it comes to really bringing the outdoors in.

Part of the appeal lies in how aspirational this specific design style feels. The uncluttered nature and brightness evokes a sense of calm that so many people are missing from their daily lives. 

Today a lot of modern, Scandinavian-style homes showcase a mix of the traditional style of simplicity , alongside the sleek, forward-thinking modern designers . 

So, to celebrate this influential style, we at Cenaro are exploring everything Scandinavia has to offer . We’re bringing you deco inspiration an ideas to incorporate within your own home.